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  1. I had put up with a sebborheic wart on my face for years and absolutely hated it. A friend recommended Adele so I contacted her and was booked in a few days later and had it removed. It was a really quick procedure. Adele gave me some aftercare instructions which I followed and 10 days later scab had fallen off. I’m so pleased with the results and I can’t believe I put up with having it on my face for years. The area is so smooth and I can hardly see where it used to be. I would highly recommend Adele, She’s very friendly and makes you feel at ease as I was a little anxious about having it removed. Thank you so much Adele, you are a star xx

  2. Really happy with the results of facial hair removal (upper lip and chin). Regrowth has been noticeably reduced and I feel much more confident – no more beard or mustache. Thank you Adele.

  3. I was feeling very self conscious about facial hair, especially when my granddaughter started to make comments. I have used facial wax in the past but this irritated my skin and only seemed to make the hair grow stronger. Since receiving treatment from Adele, the hair growth is much less frequent and hardly noticeable. I cannot thank her enough for restoring my confidence. She is extremely professional and makes each session a very pleasant experience.

  4. I have had hair removal treatment from Adele for many years; which has kept my hair growth in check. She has always been reliable and professional; and I would highly recommend her services to anyone.

  5. Adele had her work cut out when I first went. She is a miracle worker and has done a fabulous job. As well as hair removal I have also had skin tags removed. Fantastic women so professional and friendly I would definitely recommend. Thank u so much Adele my paranoia has now gone xx

  6. Janet Whitehead

    I’ve been visiting Adele for the past 12 months and the difference this treatment has made is fantastic. I have virtually no regrowth. I would recommend Adele!

  7. i’m absolutely delighted with the results of the hair removal.
    I had lots of unwanted hairs on my upper lip and chin, which i’d been plucking and waxing for years.
    After just six months of monthly treatments, they’ve reduced almost down to zero! fab results and a much less hairier face!!
    thank you so much Adele xx

  8. Adele is very professional in her approach but at the same time she is friendly, pleasant and makes one feel relaxed about the experience. She maintains excellent standards of hygiene In everything that she does.
    I definitely recommend anyone requiring treatment to attend one of her clinics.

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